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October 25, 2018

Flowing From My Heart

July 8, 2018

Working "IT" out on my time.

June 13, 2018

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October 25, 2018

BEINGS, soooo I know it’s been some time since you’ve read my fine words. There’s a reason for it all. I promise. Let me take a moment and just acknowledge how good Summer Daze ’18 was to BBB. I have experienced events, and networked with people that I would see in magazines as a brown girl growing. Pushing me forward even when I thought about taking a few steps backwards. It's all in God's Plan. Discovering new things about myself, as I continuously journey throughout these last few months of my selfish 20's.


First, let me tell you about my new friend A.F. I’ll Let you in on a lil’ background info about us before you began to judge. I would see Autumn Fall around we seemed to have some things in common, interests, networks, ideas, might I add a desirable personality, and sensual. It was at a more recent event in August where I had a thought that Autumn Fall would be on the scene. I made a mental note that the next time I see A.F that I would introduce myself, make efforts to connect on some level, and see how we can collaborate.



It's that time of year. Transition is underway, and transparency is a necessity. Autumn Fall is here. Autumn represents more than another season for me. Autumn is the season where I will be leveling up on many levels, with the same devil, but my same GOD. Autumn is the season that prepares us for the FINALE of 2018. Layering while remaining leveled is a lesson on it's own. I've added a few more things, even a new jotter, less numbers in my phone, and nights of solitude.There are approximately 3 ½ months in each season, only thing consistent about it is we know "next" is coming. Regardless of whatever type of weather that will transpire, the seasons times are set in stone. The season that teaches us to take care and prepare. Choose wisely. Autumn was awakened.



BEINGS, Autumn Fall is not just a season for cozy sweaters, warm beverages, seasonal flavors, comfort food, boo loving, sports, cuffing season or over the knee boots. Autumn represents originality, authenticity, fear, transparency, audacity, solitude, power, change, creativity, wisdom, choices, lessons, responsibilities, nature, purpose, solidarity, and truth. I must admit that you can expect layered Fall fashion to be at its finest. Autumn 2018 will challenge you in ways that we won’t see coming. With the shift of the weather you will be forced to cover up, layer, and remain warm. BEINGS I believe the most challenging of these less than 80 days are to remain creative. To remain inspired, motivated, and to not become wrapped up with the fact that Summer Daze of ’18 are in the rear view. It’s time to look forward and embrace the path of nature. BEINGS, free yourself, let things go, admire the view.


Within the last 9 months, I have grown tremendously. I have learned when to step back and step up. I am in the process of mastering boundaries, rediscovering my purpose, taking note of the random things that bring me joy, and excitement, that’s because they are my passion. I am a Brown Gal that used to have “no Pause”, I now know how to pause, take control of my breathing, to have better control over my emotions & actions. If that doesn’t deserve an award, then I guess I’ll just keep clapping for my damn self. Having middle child syndrome, I was one to entertain myself throughout the years. I’m still busy, balancing the act of caring for others and me.



For so long I dreaded my fave season. Not because I was in denial of the beauty. It was merely out of fear. I am forced to turn over new leaves. I am forced to learn how to appreciate what’s in my past, and have allegiance to my future. I am forced to have to let relationships go that I thought would bet my last $2 would be my last rounds. I am teaching people how to respect me, how to love me and how to commit to me in the same steps. I am not allowing for vibrations that don’t belong to overstay their welcome. Gladly removing the unwanted. A good friend of mine would say "People think all they have is time". Time is what we don't have BEINGS.


Opening the front door, I welcome the aroma of change. The seasoned early nights, and late mornings, the squirrels, the acorns, the crisp breeze, the tasteless fruit, the pumpkin spice the leaves and nature. All stated above are symbolic things and reminders that Autumn is here, we’d better layer up our lives. Mother Nature has the best box of crayons. You can't color fall without Brown.



BEINGS, Early nights are allowing me to balance, late mornings dictate my day, squirrels are the people in my life that are running rapidly and left inattentive. Acorns are the opportunities that are in my future. A crisp breeze is the reminder that refreshing is renewing, which is rewarding. Out of season tasteless fruit, just let’s me know can’t bring everything with you as your moving along. Pumpkin spice is a hint of where we our today, and how time is of the essence. Leaves in the tree’s, or on the ground cautions that change is near, and it’s okay to shake, and shed what the world expects, and shift into your purpose. Nature suggests that we are in charge of what we see. It’s our role to bring our visions into view for others to see. Meet my friend, Autumn Fall. Season of the Soul.


Brownfully Yours,

Keena Danae