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October 25, 2018

Flowing From My Heart

July 8, 2018

Working "IT" out on my time.

June 13, 2018

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Working "IT" out on my time.

June 13, 2018

BEINGS…If you’re on everyone else’s time, when will you figure things out with the time you have left. Acknowledging June not only allows us to recognize the conclusion of 2nd quarter of the year, but the first half of the year ending as well. By this time we often find ourselves heading back to the drawing board, adding to, and crossing things off of our to do list, or our (in)expensive planners and rearranging the vision boards. All month of June I give you permission to pause the shot clock. I’ll be busy working it out on my time.





Working it out on my time


In today’s world, it’s easier than hitting the easy button to find ourselves comparing our lives to others. Whether we want to admit it, it can come out by default, or someone else is doing it for us. It happens to the best of us. From physical health, financial, spiritual, career, wellness, or even relationships, the lovely WWW WorldWideWeb has our #goals on lock. While many of us may not admit to this, I am for sure many can relate. I know a handful of BEINGS, who have shared how they were comparing their lives to those with whom they follow across social media platforms daily. Unintentionally, a peer of mine even had the nerve to compare me and my status to others online, unconsciously making me feel some type of way. I didn’t feel like it was a personal attack, but more of a “Hey, I feel like you aren’t living up to others accomplishments” memo. I can take constructive criticism. I am not one to allow others to project their worries of the world into mine, but for some reason this juxtaposition, definitely made me reposition my views, and give that side eye. Wayment. Where is this coming from? Is this how you really feel? Is there a better way we could have addressed this?



Be careful what you give consent to


As I would sit and listen to my peers, it was in these vulnerable moments I found myself giving and receiving confirmation in so many areas of my life. I was more powerful than I knew, and I still am. I had to take it back. In 2012, taking a step away from social media, and returning in 2017, more like falling all the way back. Yes it changed my life, Yes it was a shock, Yes I felt behind or left out of the know, but what I did have intact was my peace of mind. I was able to think clearer, I made my own decisions, and not doing it for the “likes”, I took time to learn more about myself in that extra time. I set boundaries, and valued my peace, I enjoyed genuine connections, I learned to listen effectively, I appreciated the mystery of myself, and the work it took to kick out the kinks in keen. I was living & laughing. I was Busy Being Brown. Honestly, one of the best decisions I have made to date. I mean, I didn’t go completely A-Wall. I was content with a visual search engine that I grew to fall in love with: Pinterest. It’s a technical love. You get it?


Being social is about more than technology


While social media has its benefits, unintentionally we fall short on allowing others to lead our lives. I love the ability to be able to link with like minded individuals across the globe, find encouragement as we strive for greatness, and remain up to date with what’s trending, and valued. Stay connected with distant family and friends around the world. Empowerment, information, and inspiration is what I wanted to be filled with when I signed up to be social. While learning the ropes of networking, branding and journeying to the true you, it can become exhausting. I took a risk. I had to do what I knew best. I closed down shop for maintenance: Soulful Repair.


Take time off to get back to your space of awareness


June, I’ll be working it out on my time. It may take longer than expected, or I may beat the shot clock. Oh it’ll get done, the right way. I pride myself in remaining true to myself, and authentic in the world full of trending topics that hold little to no truth, where hate is making it’s way to trump out love, fear is overtaking faith, friends are becoming foes, you pay to fit in, only to stand out, family has been replaced with famous BEINGS. The six months that lie ahead is my last months in my 20’s. Imagine the pressure, now picture the Diamond. I’ll be the first rate version of myself. Finessing my goals, and valuing the BEINGS that I cross paths with on my time. While focusing on being the best version of myself I have to remind myself to be mindful of others around me. Some will take it personal, others will vanish. Many will not understand the allotted amount of time and space you have as you connect with your purpose.


BnPowered by your Journey, Life Story-Brit Lashae


BEINGS, I want you to know that you are in charge of the shot clock, and the score board. The only referees here should be your real support system. If you feel you don’t have anyone that you can confide in, lean on, please feel free to email me directly, and I will provide you with a list that I use to clarify the state of haze that seems to block my path on my journey.  As much as I would like to kick back and complain, one must admit that every Gardener knows, you have to nourish to flourish. Faith Planted. Be on the lookout.





Collaborate with people you can learn from- Pharrell


I had the pleasure of collaborating with another Busy Brown Being Brit LaShae and her beautiful brand BnPowered. BnPowered is all about empowerment from your own personal journey, story, and life. As told by Brit , your story is worth living and why not BnPowered by what you have experienced in YOUR life to make it worth telling. Brit’s testimony is that she’s a sexual abuse survivor on the journey of healing and she prays that she’s able to help others in their journey, life, and story. ”Fitness has become a huge part of my life, and is a major part of my healing process”.  Brit love’s everything about mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Brit is a certified personal trainer, author, and motivational speaker. The beauty of life is that we all have our own story and the beauty of a journey is that it continues to grow, the question is, are you going to BnPowered by your Journey. Will sharing your journey with others fulfill you. On you can find services consisting of a statement collection of apparel, mugs, journals, and fitness services. What better timing for this? Supporting another women's business allowed me to began root planning and transplanting. Just when I thought I was down in the dirt, I remembered I had a hoe to help me remove my weeds.



Busy Being Brown Update: I have deemed 2018 the year of Unapologetic Millennial Black Woman.-Keena Danae


BEINGS, It’s been about a month since you’ve seen my pretty brown face, or my uplifting quotes. In that time, I have taken time off from my 9-5’er, and 5-9’er, about twice. Guess what…I Aint SORRY. As you learn more about me, I’m unapologetic about protecting my peace. If anyone was harmed in the making of me demanding and taking necessary measures to make sure this next round of 2018 is the shiniest, maybe we can wine about it over pizza, your treat. I am so excited that it is officially summer 2018: Music, food friends, ke-ventures, dancing, BBQ's, catching a breeze, connecting with the coolest, festivals, curls poppin', concerts, summer loving, and fashion. BEINGS, Remain encouraged. Friends got your back. I left you something below, take one, and pass it to your homies.


  1. Slay your foundation to get in formation.

  2. Set Boundaries to rule out the quandary.

  3. Pocket something away from everything.

  4. Take breaks to protect what’s at stake.

  5. Include your visions as apart of your mission.


Brownfully Yours,

Keena Danae